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Gold Bond stands today as one of the world's top manufacturers of quality futon mattresses,best quality materials, craftsmanship, durability and value. From our simple all-cotton pads to the extraordinary Visco and innerspring models, a Gold Bond is the ultimate choice in futon mattresses. We carry the full line of Gold Bond futon mattresses at great prices!


At the heart of every EuroCoil mattress is our encased coil innerspring unit. Comprised of hundreds of individually wrapped, heat-tempered carbon steel coils, each acting independently to eliminate motion transfer while providing exceptional comfort. Add layers of super-soft foam and wrap it in our exclusive JOY® natural cotton batting and you've got a plush sofa-like feel with healthful nighttime support.

• Heat-tempered Encased Coils Retain their Original Shape for Long Life
• Two 2" Pieces of Convoluted Foam on Either Side of the Encased Coils Enhance their Independent Movement
• Custom Blended Cotton Batting Surrounds the Comfort Layers


Engineered with our exclusive SuperCenter innerspring unit to provide firm, restful support while folding effortlessly in half, the ComfortCoil is the ideal futon mattress by day or night. Gold Bond's own blend of cotton batting coupled with two layers of super-soft foam ensure that the ComfortCoil lives up to its name.

• Custom-designed SuperCenter Innerspring Unit Provides Firm, Healthful Support and Flexibility
• Two Layers of Super-soft Foam Provide Extra Resiliency and Long-Lasting Comfort
•Pure, Custom-blended Cotton Batting--the Densest and Most Durable in the World--Surrounds the Innersprings and Foam Layers

Gold Bold Mattresses


Sit on the SofTouch mattress and you'll feel the difference our densified polyester batting makes. It acts like millions of tiny springs that respond to your weight and movement like no other futon mattress. The SofTouch delivers the comfort of an overstuffed sofa coupled with an outstanding night's sleep.

• Three Pieces of 4.5" Densified Polyester for Extraordinary Bounce and Long-lasting Comfort
• Two 2" Pieces of Convoluted Foam


The Double Foam Core futon mattresses feature simple, traditional comfort with the natural benefits of our JOY® cotton blend and the suppleness of two layers of foam.

• Two Layers of Solid 1.5" Foam for Maximum Resiliency and Cushioning
• Dense Cotton Batting Surrounds the Foam Layers


Six layers of super-soft foam wrapped in our exclusive JOY® natural cotton batting gives the FeatherTouch II futon mattress a softness and luxury that lives up to its name.

• Six 2" Layers of Convoluted Foam
• Custom Blended Cotton Batting Surrounds the Comfort Layers


Wool is recognized as the most resilient natural fiber on earth, with outstanding comfort and insulating properties. The WoolWrap mattress starts with the finest high-resiliency double foam core surrounded by 50 lbs. of pure cotton. All of this is surrounded by an ultra thick layer of New Zealand wool for luxury, support and long-lasting comfort--day or night.

• Two 1.5" Layers of Foam for Excellent Resiliency and Durability
• 50 lbs. of Cotton Surround the Foam Layers
• Plush 2" Layer of New Zealand Wool Creates an Ideal Insulator, Keeping You Warm in the Winter and Cool in the Summer